Values and Mission


Our mission for individuals is to provide a range of suitable psychological interventions and therapies that will assist participants and clients of the service to resolve or better manage mental health issues for a lasting improvement. The mission for organisations is to enable them to be better managed so that the members have an increase in work satisfaction across the board.
Our vision is that individuals and organisations are better adapted at managing mental health and are more likely to reach a fuller level of contentment. This is done with the provision of psychological interventions such as trauma informed therapy, counselling, CBT, Motivational Interviewing and Coaching

The Values we hold are:

We believe that participants – clients of the service should be given clear explanations of processes such as for example confidentiality, billing, reporting, complaint handling, information storage etc to reduce any related anxiety to these Inclusiveness : With our humanistic view we believe that everyone is entitled seek and be given help from our organisation without regard to their cultural background. This also means that we pay respect to cultural norms and our practice is consistent with these.


We believe that clients of the service have potential to improve their existence and we will facilitate an environment that maximizes the potential for desired realistic change to occur.


We believe that it is important to maintain a high level of competence in our service delivery and to that regard we maintain our ongoing professional development program, that is complementary to our current qualifications and experience.